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Contact details and location - Rent apartments and suites on Lake Garda

The Romantic Villa Residence La Limonaia is just a short walk from the centre of Gargnano in the province of Brescia and offers apartments

Via Rimembranze, 16/A
Gargnano(BS) Garda Lake - Italy
Tel.: (0039) 0365 71694
Mobile: (0039) 333 5232621
Fax: (0039) 0365 71694
VAT: 03582770982
Codice CIR: 017076 - CIM - 00075
E-mail: liana@apartmentslalimonaia.com

The Romantic Villa Residence La Limonaia is located close to the airports of Verona, Bergamo, Brescia and Milan. You can also get to the apartments by train to the stations at Brescia, Desenzano and Rovereto, or by car via the Autostrada del Brennero and the A4 from Venice to Milan. The Residence has a private parking area where you can leave your car throughout your holiday. As La Limonaia is located right on the shore of Lake Garda, you can also get there by boat and take advantage of the nearby mooring buoy. The Romantic Villa Residence La Limonaia is close to Verona, the romantic city of Romeo and Juliet. There are many artistic events in Verona during the summer months.

The surrounding area
Gargnano is in an area popular with tourists and home to the Romantic Villa Residence La Limonaia by Liana. It is situated right in the middle of the Alto Garda Bresciano Natural Park and is the biggest commune in the area (78.3 km²).
The regional capital and the main towns are located around the lake, while the villages of Villavetro, Fornico and Zuino nestle on the gentle ridge, surrounded by olive groves and with an unparalleled view of Lake Garda. 500 metres higher up the hillside there are other villages: Liano, Formaga, Navazzo, Sasso and Musaga.
Further away is Muslone, above Lake Garda, while the Costa valley is immersed in greenery, 18 kilometres from the regional capital.
The lakeside towns house buildings with important architectural features, while the whole area offers a picture of history via its rural buildings, rooted in past centuries, and traditional peasant wisdom, bearing witness to the working life of ancient rural villages.
Tourists say that Gargnano is one of the most beautiful towns on Lake Garda. Its peace, its traditions, its people and natural environment make it unique and unmissable.
At the centre of the Garda area, on the western shore, in the heart of the Alto Garda Bresciano Natural Park, it is the ideal starting point for those who want to get to know Lake Garda better and experience it from every aspect. The villages Tignale and Tremosine, where the frenetic pace of modern life is replaced by the more tranquil and genuine rhythms of the countryside, are located just a short drive away. Here, our guests can enjoy real culinary delights based on local meat, fish and mushrooms. Further on, towards the Province of Trentino you will find the communes of Limone and Riva, the most northerly in the Garda area, where there are events and shops to delight tourists from all over Europe.
The urban centres of Salò and Desenzano are also of particular interest and are located in the southern part of the Garda area. They are famous for their lively town centres and for the variety of attractions which tourists always adore.

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